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At the heart of our commitment are the satisfied voices of those who have experienced excellence on every journey.

An Unforgettable Day: Premium Experience with Sierra Segura in Jaén, Spain

We had the opportunity to attend an exciting U21 soccer match in Jaén, Spain, and had an incredible experience. During our trip, we experienced firsthand the exceptional transportation service provided to us. From the moment we were picked up until we were dropped off at the stadium, we were impressed by the punctuality, comfort and courtesy of the entire transportation staff.

Our driver, in particular, demonstrated a deep knowledge of the area and provided us with interesting information about the place as we headed to the stadium. Additionally, the vehicle was spotlessly clean and well maintained, which made our trip even more enjoyable.

This level of transportation service really helped make our game experience even more memorable. We are very grateful for the excellent service we received and will not hesitate to recommend Sierra Segura transportation services to our friends and colleagues. It was truly first class service which made our day even more special!

Accompanied by a group of 120 enthusiastic children from the Sierra Segura Campus, along with some of their parents. The safety and comfort of our youth and their families was a top priority, and the transportation service we experienced was truly exceptional.

From the moment we coordinated transportation to our arrival at the stadium, Sierra Segura demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of all participants. The logistics staff ensured that each child was properly supervised and that all safety procedures were carried out meticulously.

The trip itself was comfortable and hassle-free. The buses were in excellent condition, clean and well equipped, ensuring an enjoyable trip for everyone. Furthermore, the drivers showed great professionalism and punctuality, which allowed us to arrive at the stadium without worries or delays.

Attention to detail and concern for the well-being of children and their families was evident throughout. This made our experience even more pleasant and reassuring. We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary transportation and security service provided by Sierra Segura. Without a doubt, we will recommend your services to others and hope to have your excellent service again in the future. Thank you for helping to make our day unforgettable and worry-free.

GilsanBus Testimonials: An Unforgettable Excursion to Puy du Fou Park Spain

What happens when a beautiful corner of the province of Jaén, Benatae, and a majestic historical destination like Toledo are intertwined with the magic of GilsanBus? The result is an excursion that lasts in the memory. We are proud to share the testimonies of this unforgettable adventure, from the Benatae City Council, which took travelers to immerse themselves in the history and grandiose spectacles of the Puy du Fou Park Spain.

Traveling through the centuries
Puy du Fou Park Spain is a place where history comes to life, and our travelers had the opportunity to experience it at its finest. From legendary heroes to anecdotes from everyday life, this theme park offers a fascinating journey through the centuries.

The Last Song: El Cid Campeador
One of the most notable shows our travelers enjoyed was “El Último Cantar,” an epic representation of the exploits of El Cid Campeador. The park brought this legendary hero to life in a spectacular setting that left everyone breathless.

Testimony of the Mayor of Benatae
But what makes this excursion truly unforgettable are the testimonies of those who experienced it. One of the most moving testimonies comes from the mayor of Benatae, who expressed his gratitude for this unique opportunity for his citizens. He mentioned that this excursion strengthened ties between the community and gave residents the chance to experience history firsthand.

This excursion to the Puy du Fou Park Spain became an indelible chapter in the memory of all travelers. GilsanBus is delighted to have been part of this experience, taking travelers on a journey that transcends time and space. We hope that more adventures like these continue to enrich our lives and bring us closer to the history that shapes our world.


“From the first contact to the arrival at our event, GilsanBus demonstrated its professionalism and dedication. The Prime and Gold buses added a touch of elegance, and punctuality was immaculate. A wise choice to ensure the success of our congress!”

Antonio Paciano
President of Sierra de Segura

“GilsanBus made our school trips an educational and safe experience. Friendly drivers and comfortable vehicles were a real pleasure for our students. Without a doubt, our first choice for future trips.”

Javi German

“Our wedding day was a dream, and GilsanBus made it even better. The guest transportation was smooth and elegant, adding a special touch to our day. Highly recommended for any special occasion!”

Laura and David Sánchez
Newly Married Couple

TV interviews

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Press releases

We are proud to share exciting adventures and unforgettable moments with our travelers. We are excited to tell you that we have been featured in numerous travel stories and articles around the world.

Our bus tours have captured the attention of travelers and industry experts, and we have been praised for our attention to detail, comfort, and commitment to excellence on every trip we organize. From stunning landscapes to authentic cultural experiences, our excursions offer a unique insight into each destination.

We invite you to explore the notes and reviews we have received. See for yourself why we are the preferred choice for those seeking an exceptional travel experience! 

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