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Prime and Gold Experiences for Every Customer

At GilsanBus, we are proud to offer the latest technology and comfort in our vehicles to provide an exceptional travel experience. Our fleet It is equipped with the best in technology and services to ensure that our passengers enjoy a comfortable and entertainment-filled trip.

We understand that each client has unique needs. Therefore, we have created the Prime and Gold lines, tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. From minibuses to larger capacity buses, we provide you with the right solution to meet your expectations.

We keep our fleet in optimal condition through a rigorous maintenance program. This ensures that each bus, whether Prime or Gold line, is ready to provide you with reliable, high-quality service on every trip.

Personalized Experience

We offer Prime and Gold options for adapt to your preferences and needs, ensuring a tailored experience.


Our Prime line gives you luxury and comfort, while the Gold line guarantees a comfortable and efficient experience for all passengers.

Security and Technology

Both lines are equipped with the latest innovations in security and technology, giving you peace of mind and efficiency on every journey.

Energy efficiency

Our buses are designed to be efficient in consumption of fuel, supporting sustainability.

The interior of the bus matters

Gilsabus Inside

Gilsabus Inside: Technology and Comfort on Every Journey

Welcome to a different journey with Gilsabus. Step inside our buses equipped with the latest technological innovations and comforts. From vending machines and coffee makers to impeccable bathrooms, streaming for movies and music, electrical outlets and large compartments for your comfort. Discover how we transform each journey into a unique experience with the latest technology on board.


Luxury and Distinction on Every Journey

At GilsanBus, our Gold Class is the essence of luxury and comfort. The buses in this category are marked by their elegance and are painted with the wave in red, providing a touch of class to each journey. Here we present some of our outstanding vehicles in this category:

Gold Class

Gold Class

Gold Class is an upgrade from the standard category and offers additional amenities and services to provide a premium experience to our customers.

I6 Efficient

55 Seats

The 55-seat Irizar I6 Efficient is the epitome of quality and comfort. Designed to offer an exceptional trip, this bus gives you a spacious and comfortable space to accommodate 55 passengers. With an innovative design and efficiency in every detail, the Irizar I6 Efficient redefines luxury standards in group transportation.

Irizar I8 Integral

52 Seats

The Gold Class includes two Irizar I8 Integrals. With capacity for 52 passengers, these buses combine style and performance.


Irizar I8 Mercedes

52 Seats

The Irizar I8 represents the union between the quality of Irizar and Mercedes. With capacity for 52 passengers, it gives you a Gold trip of confidence and style.

Setra S S516 HD

51 Seats

This Setra S516 HD is synonymous with quality and comfort. With space for 51 passengers, it guarantees you an exceptional Gold trip.


Prime Class

Our Prime Class represents efficiency and quality, ensuring a comfortable and reliable trip. The buses in this category carry the wave in gold, highlighting their elegance and efficiency. Here we present the vehicles that are part of our Prime Class:


29 Seats

The Isuzu stands out for its versatility, and we are pleased to integrate it into our school and discretionary services. Its impressive capability and performance make it the ideal choice to meet our customers' needs in these areas. Whether it's exciting school trips or low-key events, the Isuzu offers a safe, efficient and comfortable transportation experience.



30 Seats

This Otokar is perfect for smaller groups looking for comfort and style. Its modern design and capacity for 30 passengers make it an ideal option for exclusive experiences.

Mercedes Tourism

53 Seats

Our Prime fleet includes three impressive Mercedes Tourismos with capacity for 53 passengers. They offer space and luxury for an exceptional trip.


Irizar I6 Integral

55 Seats

The Irizar I6 are synonymous with sophistication and comfort. They offer you seats for 55 passengers in an environment of elegance and quality.

Irizar I6 Mercedes

55 Seats

With the combination of Irizar design and Mercedes quality, this vehicle guarantees a Prime trip of luxury and comfort for 55 passengers.


More options

At GilsanBus, we understand that the choice of bus is key to a successful travel experience. Our Prime Class and Gold Class offer options that combine luxury and efficiency to meet your preferences and needs.

Irizar Integral

56 Seats

Under the distinguished Europamundo brand, this vehicle offers space for 56 passengers, guaranteeing an exceptional experience.

Tata Hispanic

66 Seats

With capacity for 66 passengers, this vehicle gives you ample and comfortable space for your trips.

Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI

19 Seats

With space for 19 passengers, this vehicle offers you spaciousness and comfort for your trips.

Mercedes-Benz minibus

16 Seats

This vehicle, with a capacity of 16 passengers, offers you ample and comfortable space for your trips.


Learn More About Our Buses

The latest technology is at your fingertips throughout the trip. Our buses offer free WiFi so you can stay connected at all times. In addition, we have 220W electrical outlets so you can charge your devices during the trip. High definition sound will immerse you in a unique listening experience, and if you want to watch movies or listen to music, we have streaming so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment. You'll also find televisions and DVD players for added fun on board.

Comfort is one of our fundamental pillars. Our vehicles have services such as on-board bathrooms (WC), beverage vending machines, and refrigeration and coffee maker options so you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious coffee during your trip.

Accessibility is a priority for us. Our buses are equipped with ramps to ensure that all people, including those with reduced mobility, can access our services and enjoy a barrier-free journey.

At GilsanBus, we always strive to ensure that you reach your destination comfortably, safely and reliably. We have different types of vehicles to adapt to your needs. Our Gold class offers an exclusive and luxurious service, with details such as leather seats, greater space between seats of 76 cm, optimal softness in the cushioning and the possibility of enjoying a fabulous coffee on board.

If you are looking for an equally comfortable but less luxurious option, we offer you our Prime class. Here you will find an excellent level of comfort without compromising your budget.

Gold Class
Luxury and Distinction on Every Journey
Prime Class
Efficiency and Quality in Every Trip

We have all the quality certifications

At GilsanBus, we are proud of our commitment to excellence and quality in all aspects of our service. We have strived to achieve the highest quality standards and have been recognized for it. We have certifications that support our commitment, including ISO standards and the prestigious recognition of the Q for tourism quality. 

These certificates demonstrate our dedication to providing a safe, reliable and first-class travel experience for our passengers. We are committed to maintaining these high standards and to continually improve to offer the best quality on every trip you take with us.

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