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When it comes to school field trips, the Isuzu provides the confidence to provide students with an exciting and educational experience. Its spacious interior can comfortably accommodate a large number of students, along with their luggage and equipment, without compromising safety or comfort. Advanced safety systems and features designed specifically for passenger transportation make every trip a safe and enjoyable experience.

As discretionary events go, the Isuzu does not disappoint. Whether transporting groups to conferences, weddings, sightseeing excursions or any other special activity, the Isuzu guarantees an efficient and comfortable trip. Its charging capabilities, along with reliable performance, ensure customers reach their destination on time and without worry. In addition, the Isuzu is distinguished by its interior comfort, which allows passengers to enjoy the journey with the luxury and tranquility they deserve.

More about the Isuzu
  • Long / 7.30 meters
  • Maximum power  / 140 hp
  • Air-conditioning AIR CONDITIONER
  • Maximum number of passengers / 32
  • Total height / 3350mm
  • Overall width / 2282mm
  • Emission compliances / EURO VI E
  • Quality certificate / ISO, Q for quality
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29 Seats
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