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Weaving Connections in the Tourism Industry

At GilsanBus, our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in our transportation services, but also in our active participation in renowned tourism events and fairs. Since 2013, we have transcended borders to connect with our clients and colleagues at some of the most influential trade shows in the world. Here we take you on a tour of our key holdings:

Global Connections at FITUR, Madrid

From the heart of Spain, we connect with the world at FITUR, the Madrid International Tourism Fair. By presenting our fleet and services on this international stage, we establish lasting ties with professionals and tourism lovers. Our stand is a space for exchange where we share our passion for comfort and excellence on every trip.

The Passion for Tourism at the International Tourism Fair (FIT) in Argentina

The International Tourism Fair (FIT) is an open window to the passion for tourism and destinations around the world. At FIT, we immerse ourselves in the vitality of this global industry. We connect with professionals and tourism enthusiasts, sharing our solutions and listening to their needs. Our participation in FIT reflects our dedication to offering services that enrich the travel experience in every corner of the planet.

Exploring Horizons at the Most Important International Fairs

Our commitment extends from Madrid to London, where we participate in the World Travel Market (WTM), passing through Buenos Aires and Bogotá. These flagship events allow us to showcase our offering globally and establish connections with key players in the industry. They are meeting points that enrich our perspective and encourage us to stay at the forefront of tourism trends.


Global Connections


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Exploring Horizons


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The European Tourism Association: Events to Connect

Our connection with the European Tourism Association ( provides us with exceptional opportunities. We participate in association-related events, where we share knowledge and build relationships in the industry. These connections are essential to our growth and our ability to provide innovative solutions.

Colombian Energy at the ANATO Tourism Fair

The Colombia Tourism Fair (ANATO) allows us to immerse ourselves in the vitality of this country. We connect with professionals and enthusiasts of Colombian tourism, sharing our solutions and listening to their needs. This participation highlights our dedication to providing services that enrich the tourist experience in each destination.

The Global Experience at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London

The World Travel Market (WTM) in London gives us the opportunity to experience the diversity and globality of the tourism industry. Here, we connect with professionals and travel lovers around the world, sharing our solutions and listening to their concerns. Our presence at WTM highlights our commitment to offering services that enrich the travel experience anywhere on the planet.

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