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The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, which is essential for tourist trips, especially in hot climates or during summer.

The maximum number of passengers this tour bus can accommodate is 69 people. This number includes the three passengers who can travel standing, suggesting that there are seats available for most occupants.

Regarding storage capacity, the bus is equipped with a volume of hold for transporting luggage and other objects, although the exact capacity of the hold is not provided in the description.

More about the Irizar I8 Integrales
  • Long / 12.80 meters
  • Maximum power  / 450 HP
  • toilet / Yes (1m³)
  • Air-conditioning (A/C) / 125*2
  • Maximum number of passengers / 51
  • Total height / 4000mm
  • Overall width / 2550mm
  • Emission compliances/EURO VI C
  • Quality certificate / ISO, Q for quality
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Irizar I8 Integral

52 Seats
Features of the 52-seater bus
Coffee maker
220v sockets
Distance between seats
Beverage dispenser

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