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Our mission

Trajectory of Passion and Commitment in Passenger Transportation

In 1968, Francisco Gil Sánchez began his incredible professional career at the wheel of a modest taxi van. With dedication and effort, he transformed his passion for travel into GilsanBus, a renowned road passenger transportation company with one goal: for your trip to become an authentic experience that you will never forget.

  • Beat expectations: We strive to go beyond what is expected, providing exceptional service that surprises and delights our clients at every stage of their journey.
  • Human connection: We are committed to establishing an authentic connection with our passengers, offering warm and personalized treatment that makes them feel valued and special during their trip.
  • Quality in every detail: We obsess over quality in all aspects of our services, from the comfort of our vehicles to customer service and punctuality, ensuring a flawless travel experience.
  • Inspire and discover: We strive to be a source of inspiration and discovery for our passengers, providing relevant information about destinations, exclusive recommendations and the opportunity to experience memorable moments during their trip.
Work team

Get to know our team

Our team is the heart and soul of GilsanBus. Each member of our talented group shares the same passion for providing unforgettable travel experiences. From our experienced drivers to our friendly and committed customer service staff, we all work together with a common goal: to make your trip safe, comfortable and memorable.

Raul Gil
Managing Director
Toni Gil
Operations and technological director
Miguel Sanchez
Operations or logistics director
Luis Requena
Administration and Finance Director
Alvaro Pallarés
Logistics department manager
Hazly Bautista
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Our Drivers

The pillars of GilsanBus: Our Drivers

At GilsanBus, our drivers are the heart of our operation. They are more than employees; They are experts in safety, comfort and courtesy. Join us to meet the faces behind the wheel and discover their dedication to every journey we take. Their passion for transportation sets us apart and guarantees an exceptional experience for our passengers.


Raúl's Career as President of Unibus and Vice President of Direbus

A solid and committed career. Raúl Gil, general director of GilsanBus, plays a prominent role as President of Unibus Jaén and Vice President of Direbus. With more than two decades of experience in passenger transport, his leadership has promoted the recognition and unity of the sector, strengthening the voice of transporters throughout Spain. Their vision and dedication continue to lead the way to a strong and prosperous future for the industry.


Learn More About Our Company

Today, GilsanBus is a consolidated company in the sector, which remains faithful to the business philosophy of its founder. Under the direction of Raúl Gil and Antonio Gil, we have successfully managed more than 1,000 groups annually.

In addition, Raúl Gil holds the presidency of UNIBUS, the Jaén Bus Business Association, and is Vice President of the National Direbus Association. 

We have 28 modern buses, which include the acquisition of the prestigious Sevillian company San Cristóbal. With these vehicles, we make discretionary national and international routes, covering practically all of Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as North Africa. We have daily mobility and we meet the schedules established with our clients at an unbeatable price.

We have professionals who have years of experience in the sector, innovative vehicles with great equipment. A fleet with an average age of 2 years is our insurance. And we are launching new branding with our two classes of service: Prime and Gold service.

But we have not only specialized in buses, we are also expert tour operators in inbound and outbound tourism, controlling the Latin American market through our wholesale and retail travel agency, Tour deals.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our philosophy, which is why we have ISO certifications and have achieved the goal of obtaining the Q for tourism quality. This has prompted us to invest in the most environmentally friendly coaches available on the market.


As I told you, we have achieved the Q for tourist quality. The only passenger transport company with this distinction in Andalusia.

The Q Mark provides our passengers with the assurance that our fleet of buses and our facilities meet the highest quality standards in management and services.

It is an added value of innovation and excellence that will allow you to enjoy the best tourist experience knowing that we are endorsed by an expert certification body in tourism and all thanks to a great team.

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