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At GilsanBus, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of transportation innovation. This is why we are excited to present the I6 S Efficient at FITUR 2024, a true gem of modern engineering and design.

This model is not just a bus; It is a symbol of our commitment to efficiency, sustainability and, above all, the comfort and safety of our passengers.

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Look at the design of the 71-seater Bus in this PDF

Look at the design of the 55-seater Bus in this PDF

I6 S Efficient

55 Seats
Features of the 55-seater bus
Coffee maker
220v sockets
Distance between seats
Beverage dispenser

Discover the New 4 I6 Efficient Buses for Unmatched Travel Experiences

Efficiency, Comfort and Sustainability in Every Kilometer: Get Ready for a Transformative Journey with the Latest Generation of I6 Buses!

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