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Proven Strategies to Revitalize your Coach Company in Times of Crisis


2023 marked a crucial turning point for companies in the coach sector. Faced with volatile fuel prices and economic uncertainty, many businesses struggled to stay afloat. However, my personal experience shows that it is not only possible to survive in these adverse conditions, but also to thrive.

During this turbulent year, I achieved significant savings in fuel costs for my fleet of 28 buses, totaling almost 200,000 euros. This feat was possible thanks to a series of strategies focused on efficiency and innovation.

  1. Optimized Routes

The first step I took was to optimize my bus routes. Using advanced route planning software, I was able to reduce kilometers traveled and, therefore, fuel costs. This approach not only saved money, but also improved timeliness and customer satisfaction.

  1. Rigorous Preventive Maintenance

A crucial aspect of fleet management is preventive maintenance. By assigning a dedicated employee to my shop, each bus was kept in top condition, significantly reducing repair costs and improving fuel efficiency.

  1. Master in Efficient Driving

Training drivers in efficient driving techniques was another key measure. Through this training, my drivers learned how to maximize fuel efficiency, which resulted in substantial savings.

  1. Technological revolution

The adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles on select routes marked a turning point in my company. This transition not only reduced our dependence on traditional fuel, but also positioned us as an innovative and sustainable company.

  1. Smart Diversification

Diversification into lines of business that are less reliant on fuel was a crucial strategy. This included expansion into services that complement transportation, such as parcel delivery or tourism, thus reducing our vulnerability to fluctuations in fuel prices.

  1. Strategic Fuel Management

I implemented advanced systems to monitor and manage fuel consumption. These systems helped eliminate waste and maximize efficiency, resulting in significant savings.

  1. Investment in AdBlue

The decision to invest in a Puffo 5000 liter vertical tank for AdBlue at my headquarters was strategic. With an installation cost of only 2,000 euros, I achieved considerable savings in the price per liter, which meant an average saving of 8,000 euros per 20 buses.

  1. Powerful Alliances

Establishing alliances with associations and companies in the sector, such as @direbus_asociacion and #UnibusJaén, was essential. Through these collaborations, I achieved preferential pricing on fuel and maintenance services, which further reduced operating costs.

BONUS: Exclusive Resources

In addition to these strategies, I offer my followers exclusive access to a map of discount gas stations and a list of the best workshops. These resources have been of great value to my fleet and I am sure they will also benefit others in the industry.


The fuel crisis and economic challenges of 2023 should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity to innovate and strengthen our businesses. With the right strategies, we can turn challenges into victories and secure the future of our companies in the coach sector.

follow my account @raulgilsanbus for more tips and strategies to make your coach business unstoppable. Together, we can overcome any challenge and thrive in the changing world of transportation.


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