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FIT 2023: GilsanBus Strengthens its Position in International Tourism

GilsanBus' recent participation in FIT 2023, held in Buenos Aires, marked a significant milestone in our history as a transportation and tourism company. This exciting event not only provided us with valuable experiences but also solidified our presence on the international tourism stage.

Closing Promising Agreements and Collaborations

At the heart of our participation in FIT 2023 were business opportunities and strategic collaborations. We are proud to announce that we brought home hundreds of closed groups for our Tourofertas travel agency. These agreements are a testament to the trust travelers place in us to deliver exceptional experiences.

In addition, we have established solid collaborations with world-renowned tour operators. These partnerships will allow us to design circuits throughout Europe that reflect the quality and commitment to excellence that GilsanBus represents. We look forward to offering our customers trips that exceed their expectations and allow them to explore Europe in a unique way.

Aligned with Sustainability

FIT 2023 also highlighted the importance of sustainability in tourism. At GilsanBus, we take this commitment very seriously and constantly work to minimize our environmental impact. Our fleet of eco-friendly buses is a reflection of our dedication to more sustainable tourism.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The fair was not only focused on business, but also allowed us to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. We enjoyed performances, food tastings, and exhibits that highlighted the rich cultural traditions of different countries. This experience reinforced our belief that tourism can bring people together and enrich our lives by exposing us to new cultures.

Promising Prospects

In summary, our participation in FIT 2023 has been a turning point in our company. We closed substantial agreements, established strategic collaborations and reaffirmed our commitment to sustainability and cultural diversity. These experiences will drive us to continue improving our services and offering exceptional travel experiences.

The future looks bright for GilsanBus, and we are excited for what is to come as we work to provide our customers with the best travel experiences in Europe and beyond.

FIT 2023 left us with a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. During the event, we have closed deals and established promising collaborations that will strengthen our position in the industry. But this is just the beginning, as an exciting itinerary of upcoming events awaits us. On November 2nd, we will be in London for GEM 2023, an exclusive ETOA event that will give us new opportunities to expand our horizons. Furthermore, we are eager to participate in the World Travel Market (WTM), a world-renowned event that will allow us to connect with a global audience of tourism professionals. These upcoming appointments are evidence of our constant commitment to growth and innovation in the tourism industry.

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