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fitur 2024

Discovering the I6 S Efficient: The Transportation Revolution of GilsanBus

A Journey towards Innovation, Sustainability and Luxury


At GilsanBus, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of transportation innovation. This is why we are excited to present the I6 S Efficient at FITUR 2024, a true gem of modern engineering and design. This model is not just a bus; It is a symbol of our commitment to efficiency, sustainability and, above all, the comfort and safety of our passengers.

The I6 S Efficient stands out for its impressive weight reduction of 950 kilos and an improvement over the 30% in its aerodynamic coefficient, achieving a significant decrease in fuel consumption and emissions. These features not only reflect our commitment to the environment, but also ensure a smoother and more pleasant ride.

With safety and user experience in mind, we have equipped the I6 S Efficient with advanced accident prevention technology and a reinforced structure, ensuring smooth and safe trips. Additionally, every detail of the interior has been carefully designed to offer maximum luxury and comfort, from spacious spaces to advanced ergonomics and state-of-the-art entertainment.

At GilsanBus, we customize each vehicle to meet the specific needs of our clients, making it the ideal option for tour operators and travel agents looking to offer unforgettable experiences throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

Explore the future of luxury travel with us at and discover how the I6 S Efficient is redefining standards in road transportation.


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