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GilsanBus at GEM 2023 and WTM London: Connecting with the Best Tour Operators in the World


The GilsanBus team is ready to embark on an exciting journey towards two of the most prominent events in the world of tourism and travel: Global European Marketplace 2023 (GEM 2023) and World Travel Market (WTM) London. This November, from the 2nd to the 8th, we will be in the center of the action, connecting with some of the best tour operators and professionals in the sector.

GilsanBus at GEM 2023

The GEM 2023 event is a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues and clients from across Europe and beyond. With a solid presence in the passenger transportation sector, GilsanBus will be present at GEM 2023 to strengthen business relationships and explore new collaboration opportunities.

A highlight of our participation in GEM 2023 will be the presence of our CEO, Raúl Gil. He will share his experience and perspectives on trends and opportunities in the world of transportation and tourism once the event concludes. We look forward to diving into productive meetings and engaging in discussions that drive the growth of our company and the industry as a whole.

The Only Bus Company on the Peninsula

At GEM2023, Gilsanbus stood out notably as the only bus company on the Iberian Peninsula that had the privilege of participating in this international event. This distinction not only filled the company with pride, but also sparked genuine interest among both attendees and the specialized press that covered the event.

The representation of Gilsanbus at GEM2023 was a palpable testimony of the excellence in service and innovation in passenger transportation that the company has achieved over the years. By participating in an event of this magnitude, Gilsanbus demonstrated that it not only lives up to international standards, but is also at the forefront of the passenger transportation industry.

The company used this platform to present its high-quality passenger transportation services, offering attendees a first-hand look at its modern fleet and world-class facilities. The Gilsanbus fleet is characterized by meeting the most demanding standards in the industry in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. The company's buses are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure an exceptional travel experience.

Recognition in the ETOA Magazine

The fact that Gilsanbus has been featured in the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) magazine as a result of its participation in GEM2023 represents a significant achievement. This mention in such a highly prestigious publication not only underlines the company's outstanding presence at the event, but also highlights its unwavering commitment to service excellence.

ETOA's magazine is among the most influential sources of information in the travel and tourism industry in Europe and beyond. This recognition highlights Gilsanbus' ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of the most demanding tour operators and tourists. Publication in ETOA has increased the company's visibility and confirmed its position as a trusted transport service provider, which, in turn, has opened up new opportunities for collaboration and expansion in the sector.

Connections that Made a Difference

The strategic network of connections woven by Gilsanbus during GEM2023 marked a highlight of the event and represented a gigantic step in consolidating its presence in the international market. By establishing links with more than 100 professionals and companies in the tourism industry, the company not only strengthened its network of contacts, but also opened the door to a series of large-scale business opportunities. These contacts were not limited to European borders, but transcended worldwide, which positioned Gilsanbus as a company with a global vision and international reach in the passenger transport sector.

GEM2023 was not only a business card exchange event but also served as a breeding ground for strategic alliances and fruitful collaborations. Gilsanbus used this platform to present its experience and quality of service to a diverse audience of tour operators, travel agencies and industry professionals, generating genuine interest in its value proposition. The business opportunities that arose from these connections resulted in collaboration agreements and contracts that not only consolidated Gilsanbus' presence in key markets, but also allowed it to diversify its service offering.

Elite Tour Operators at GEM2023

GEM2023 attracted some of the best tour operators in the world, giving Gilsanbus the opportunity to present its services to an elite audience. The company had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with these renowned tour operators, resulting in promising business agreements and future collaborations.

GilsanBus at WTM London

WTM London is one of the largest and most influential events in the travel and tourism industry. We are honored to be a part of this world-renowned event, where we look forward to connecting with a wide range of industry professionals.

At WTM London, GilsanBus will have the opportunity to present its fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and transport services to a global audience. Furthermore, we will be happy to welcome our customers and partners to our stand to present our new and modern vehicle, the Irizar I6 Efficient. This vehicle represents the latest innovation in the transportation industry and we are excited to share it with our visitors.

Invitation to FITUR

As part of our efforts to strengthen our business relationships, we invite all our clients and colleagues to join us at FITUR, which will take place in January. It will be an exceptional opportunity to connect face to face and explore how GilsanBus can be your ideal partner in transportation and tourism projects.

We encourage you to visit our booth and explore the opportunities we offer. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with us and discover how GilsanBus can make a difference in your international tourism success.


GilsanBus is looking forward to participating in GEM 2023 and WTM London and connecting with leaders in the tourism and transport industry. Our CEO, Raúl Gil, will share his knowledge and experiences, and we look forward to forging new alliances and collaborations during these events. Additionally, we extend a cordial invitation to everyone to join us at FITUR to learn about our new vehicle and explore business opportunities. See you at the events! For more information, visit


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