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They interviewed us for TV: GilsanBus rises to fame at FITUR

Madrid, February 13, 2024 – GilsanBus, a leader in bus innovation and design, experienced an exciting rise to fame during the recent international tourism fair, FITUR. The company was selected for an exclusive interview with Diez TV, during which its outstanding participation in the fair was highlighted and its latest revolutionary model, the I6 S Efficient, was presented.

The interview took place in the dynamic setting of FITUR, where GilsanBus had established a stand that quickly became one of the most visited of the entire fair. The attraction was not only due to the quality of its products, but also to the innovative presentation and commitment to sustainability that characterizes the brand.

Diez TV, recognized for its exhaustive coverage of renowned events, chose GilsanBus to highlight the key role the company plays in the transportation and mobility industry. The interview provided a platform to show the public the vision and values that drive GilsanBus.

During the conversation, the GilsanBus stand was highlighted as one of the most attractive at FITUR, capturing the attention of visitors and professionals alike. The thoughtful layout and interactive display allowed attendees to explore the company's wide range of models, from urban vehicles to long-haul solutions.

The highlight of the interview was the presentation of the latest GilsanBus model, the I6 S Efficient. This bus not only incorporates the latest technological innovations in fuel efficiency and ergonomic design, but also reflects the company's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to present our stand and our latest model at FITUR and to be interviewed by Diez TV. “This marks an exciting milestone for GilsanBus, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision with a broader audience,” said the GilsanBus spokesperson during the interview.

With this media coverage, GilsanBus not only consolidates its position in the industry, but also inspires others to follow its example in the pursuit of sustainable innovation in the transportation sector. The company will continue to lead the way towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly future in public transport vehicles.


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