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GilsanBus Reaches a Historic Record with 90 Buses in Circulation coinciding with the Copa del Rey


Public transportation is an integral part of the infrastructure of any city or region, and behind every successful operation is a company committed to excellence and efficiency. In the heart of Andalusia, GilsanBus has emerged as a fundamental pillar in regional transportation, providing reliable and quality services to the community. On a historic day for the company, GilsanBus has reached an impressive milestone by putting 90 buses into circulation coinciding with the celebration of the Copa del Rey. This achievement not only underlines the company's ability to meet significant logistical challenges, but also highlights its unwavering commitment to supporting major sporting events.

A Day for History

April 6, 2024 will be recorded in the history of GilsanBus as a monumental day. The company achieved an unprecedented milestone by putting a total of 90 buses into circulation in various operations, from tour operations to local transportation in Seville and Jaén, including the transportation of sponsors and large companies during the Copa del Rey. This record reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire GilsanBus team, as well as their commitment to service excellence.

Challenges and Achievements in the Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey is one of the most prominent sporting events in Spain, attracting thousands of spectators and participants from all over the country. This year, Seville was the epicenter of the excitement, and GilsanBus found itself at the center of the action, providing crucial transportation services throughout the event. Coordinating logistics for an event of such magnitude is not an easy task, but GilsanBus demonstrated its ability to face challenges with efficiency and professionalism.

From route planning to traffic management and passenger safety, every detail was carefully considered to ensure a smooth and safe transportation experience for everyone involved. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the drivers, support staff and collaborators, GilsanBus exceeded all expectations and left a lasting impression on everyone who participated in the Copa del Rey.

Touroperations and Event Services

In addition to its prominent participation in the Copa del Rey, GilsanBus also played a vital role in a number of tour operations across Europe, as well as providing transportation services for a variety of events. From concerts and conventions to fairs and conferences, GilsanBus has proven its versatility and ability to adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

Tour operations logistics present their own unique challenges, from coordinating schedules to managing reservations and providing customer service along the way. However, GilsanBus has proven time and again its ability to meet these demands effectively and professionally, earning a reputation as one of the leading transportation service providers in the region.

Support to the Local Community

In addition to its large-scale operations, GilsanBus also plays a vital role in the local community, providing reliable and accessible transportation services to the residents of Seville and Jaén. From school transportation to public transportation services, GilsanBus is an integral part of the social fabric of the region, facilitating people's mobility and ensuring that everyone has access to the services they need.

This commitment to the local community is a reflection of the company's ethos, which is based on values of social responsibility and civic engagement. GilsanBus is not only concerned with providing quality transportation services, but is also committed to being a good corporate citizen, contributing to the well-being and prosperity of the communities it serves.

Special Thanks and Recognitions

Behind our historical record of 90 buses in circulation during the Copa del Rey, there is an exceptional team whose effort and dedication made this unprecedented achievement possible. We want to express our most sincere gratitude to all departments of the company, to our drivers, to the collaborating companies and especially to Carcesa and San Cristóbal, whose trust and continued support were instrumental in reaching this milestone. Without their commitment and collaboration, this achievement would not have been possible. Together, we have demonstrated the power of teamwork and determination to overcome any challenge that comes our way.


In conclusion, GilsanBus' historical record of putting 90 buses into circulation during the Copa del Rey is a testament to its commitment to excellence in regional transportation. From its prominent participation in large-scale sporting events to its vital role in tour operations and event services, GilsanBus continues to demonstrate its ability to face challenges with determination and professionalism. As a fundamental pillar in the community, GilsanBus is committed to continuing to provide quality transportation services and supporting events that promote sports, culture and the well-being of society in general.


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