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National Direbús Congress: A Historic Meeting towards Innovation in Road Passenger Transport

It is an honor for us to announce the outstanding participation of our General Director, Mr. Raúl Gil, and Vice President of Direbús, in the long-awaited III National Congress of SMEs of Land Transport of Road Travelers. This event, which will take place in the impressive Pavilion number three, will culminate with a Closing Ceremony that will feature the presence and participation of prominent leaders in the field of mobility and administration.

At the Closing Ceremony, we will be proud to welcome Mr. José Antonio Santana Clavero, Secretary of State for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, who will share his visionary perspective on the future of land road passenger transportation. In addition, we will have the participation of Mr. Alfonso Taborda, president of Direbús Nacional, and Ms. Aintzane Aizpurua, president of Direbús Gipuzkoa, who will contribute their experiences and unmatched leadership in the sector.

This meeting will not only be a space for strategic reflection, but also a unique opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas between the most prominent professionals in road passenger transport. The definition of strategies for the growth and continuous improvement of the sector will be the central axis of the discussions.

We urge you to mark this crucial date on your calendars and join us in Pavilion Three during the Closing Ceremony. This event not only represents an opportunity to learn and grow, but also to establish meaningful connections with industry leaders and colleagues in the sector.

We look forward to welcoming you and beginning together this journey towards innovation and excellence in road passenger transportation. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique event that, without a doubt, will leave a lasting mark on the history of Direbús. We look forward to sharing this momentous moment in our industry!


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