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Discover the Irizar i6, the perfect multipurpose coach for your road adventures! Designed to offer an unparalleled travel experience, this vehicle combines high-performance features with an aerodynamic design and attention to detail that make it unique in its class.

With its proven safety, reliability and profitability, the Irizar i6 gives you the peace of mind and confidence you need when traveling. But not only that, traveling in it is an experience in itself! Enjoy the comfort of its interior, designed to maximize the well-being of both the driver and passengers, with a spacious and welcoming space that will make each journey a true pleasure.

In addition, the advanced engineering behind the Irizar i6 guarantees exceptional resistance to frontal impacts and rollovers, as well as superior driving stability thanks to optimal distribution of loads and weights. With continuous improvements in its reliability, this model is synonymous with absolute safety and reliability.

More about the Irizar I6
  • Long / 14,980mm
  • Maximum power  / 450 HP
  • toilet / Yes (1m³)
  • Air-conditioning (A/C) / 125*2
  • Maximum number of passengers / 71
  • Total height / 3,931mm
  • Overall width / 2,550mm
  • Emission compliances/EURO VID
  • Quality certificate / ISO, Q for quality
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Irizar I6

71 Seats
Features of the 71-seater bus
Coffee maker
220v sockets
Distance between seats
Beverage dispenser

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