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GilsanBus Elevates the Travel Experience: A Renovation that Sets the Course of the Future

Welcome to the new era of GilsanBus! We are excited to share with you news that redefines our vision of service in the discretionary and tourist transportation sector. In this exciting chapter of our journey, we are proud to announce the renewal of our fleet, a bold step towards the future of quality, sustainable tourism.

The Renaissance of GilsanBus: New Fleet, New Possibilities

In response to the challenges of the past, we have embarked on a mission to keep our fleet young and forward-thinking. With the acquisition of 4 modern IRIZAR I6S EFFICENT buses and a series of minibuses and microbuses, we are shaping a travel experience that is not only comfortable and efficient, but is also at the forefront of sustainability.

Don't miss the presentation of our new family member at FITUR. Relive the moment here: GilsanBus in FITUR.

Commitment to the Future: Decarbonization and Energy Transition

Our 70% growth in 2023 and our projections for 2024 motivate us to contribute significantly to decarbonization and energy transition. At GilsanBus, we align ourselves with the new European guidelines and have obtained certifications that guarantee that every trip with us is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Digitalization and New Brands: The Evolution Continues

But that is not all. At GilsanBus, we understand that innovation is the key to offering exceptional experiences. We are investing in digitalization, modernizing our internal and marketing systems to provide you, our valued customers, an even more seamless and efficient experience.

Stay tuned for the launch of our new brands, like NATTUARBUS, that will define the future of tourist transportation.

Connect with Us: More than a Trip, an Experience

For more information and additional details about this exciting fleet renewal, do not hesitate to contact our marketing and sales department. And for constant updates and engaging visuals, follow us on Instagram: @raulgilsanbus.

Special Thanks to Carrilbus: Partners in Our Journey

Before we say goodbye, we want to express our gratitude to Carrilbus for their continued coverage and support. For more details about our fleet renewal and our participation in FITUR, we invite you to read the full article at Bus Lane.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future! At GilsanBus, we are not only reinventing the way you travel, but also the way you experience the world. Get on board and be part of the evolution of tourist transportation!


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