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Discover the Future of Tourism: GilsanBus Presents the New i6 Efficient in the Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase

Bogotá, Colombia, is preparing to host the 43rd edition of the Anato Tourist Showcase, a monumental event that brings together more than 30 thousand tourism professionals under the motto “Colombia open to the world.” This year, GilsanBus is proud to be part of this unique experience, presenting the revolutionary i6 Efficient at one of the most momentous events in Latin America.

Anato Tourist Showcase: The Epicenter of Colombian and Latin American Tourism

The Anato Tourist Showcase is not just a fair, it is the summit of Colombian tourism, standing out as one of the most significant events in Latin America. More than a meeting point, this Showcase is a strategic window to position GilsanBus before the trade, showing not only its innovative vehicles but also its commitment to progress and efficiency in the sector.

This renowned event not only serves as a space to showcase the latest developments in the tourism industry, but is also committed to recommending good practices, thus promoting the constant evolution of the sector. Representatives of airlines, hoteliers, tour operators and more converge to promote the work of travel agents and encourage investment in cutting-edge projects. GilsanBus joins this purpose, bringing innovation and efficiency to the forefront of tourism.

GilsanBus Presents the New i6 Efficient: Beyond Mobility

At the heart of the Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase, GilsanBus stands out by presenting the i6 Efficient, the latest milestone in tourist transportation innovation. This is not just a bus; is a travel experience redefined to embrace sustainability and efficiency without compromising comfort.

Designed with the future of tourism in mind, the GilsanBus i6 Efficient promises to change the way we explore the world. With features that maximize performance and minimize environmental impact, this vehicle not only offers a mobility solution, but also reflects GilsanBus' commitment to sustainable and advanced tourism.

The Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase: An Unparalleled Meeting

From February 28 to March 1, GilsanBus invites you to join us at the International Business and Exhibition Center (Corferias) to explore, discover and experience the future of tourism. The Anato Tourist Showcase not only provides an impressive setting for the presentation of the i6 Efficient, but also offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals, share ideas and establish strategic collaborations.

This year, the Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase has the honor of having Puerto Rico as the Guest of Honor Country and Nariño as the Guest of Honor National Destination. In line with this spirit of openness to the world, GilsanBus seeks to strengthen ties, encourage new routes and improve the operation of air frequencies, thus contributing to the continuous growth and development of the tourism industry.

Join GilsanBus at the Vanguard of Tourism in the Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience. Join GilsanBus at the Anato 2024 Tourist Showcase, where innovation, efficiency and the future of tourism merge in an unparalleled celebration. Discover how the i6 Efficient is setting a new standard in tourist mobility and how GilsanBus is leading the way towards a more sustainable and exciting tomorrow. We are waiting for you to explore the future of tourism together!


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