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GilsanBus Adds a New Member to its Fleet: The Isuzu Ready to Shine


GilsanBus continues its firm commitment to providing high-quality transportation solutions in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and beyond. We are excited to announce our latest acquisition, a vehicle that not only strengthens our fleet but also ushers in a new era in our transportation services. The Isuzu has arrived and is ready to take on a prominent role in our school and discretionary services.

A Transformative Change: The Branded Process

The arrival of the Isuzu to our facilities was only the first step. Before officially joining the GilsanBus fleet, it underwent an impressive transformation process. We start with the vehicle in its original condition, without any trace of our logo or visual identity.

Through a meticulous branding process, the Isuzu underwent a complete transformation. From applying our branding to installing specialized equipment, this vehicle now bears our hallmark and is ready to take on a wide variety of roles in our fleet.

To give a clearer idea of the process, we have created an exciting video showing the transformation of the Isuzu, from its original state to its final version. Here's a before and after view that reveals the magic of GilsanBus branding.

Ready for School and Discretionary Service

The Isuzu shines with versatility, and we are delighted to incorporate it into our school and discretionary services. Its capacity and performance make it the perfect option to serve our clients in these areas. Whether for exciting school trips or discretionary events, the Isuzu ensures a safe, efficient and comfortable transportation experience.


At GilsanBus, we believe in the importance of continuous evolution and investment in a high-quality fleet. The arrival of the Isuzu is a significant milestone that represents our commitment to providing exceptional transportation services. We expect this vehicle to play a crucial role in meeting our customers' needs for school and discretionary services.

As we move into the future, GilsanBus strives to constantly improve our services and expand our offerings to provide first-class transportation solutions throughout Spain and Europe.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from GilsanBus!


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