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Gilsanbus and the Future of Mobility: Exclusive Presentation of the VDL Futura FHD3 in Eindhoven

In the heart of the European automotive industry, in the picturesque city of Eindhoven, an event is taking place that will mark a milestone in the history of mobility. Gilsanbus, a renowned transport company, has decided to open its doors to a select group of customers to present the future of its fleets for the first time: the VDL Futura FHD3. This is not just a presentation event, it is a journey towards the future of mobility, a commitment to innovation and excellence that defines Gilsanbus as a leader in its sector.

A Celebration of Trust and Loyalty

Gilsanbus is not just a transportation company, it is a family. A family that has grown and prospered thanks to the trust and loyalty of its customers. That is why this event is not just a product presentation, it is a celebration of that relationship of trust that has been cultivated over the years. The clients selected to attend this exclusive presentation are not just that, they are partners, collaborators and friends. They are an integral part of Gilsanbus' history and this presentation is a tribute to their contribution and continued support.

A Journey into the Future

The journey towards Eindhoven is not just a geographical journey, it is a journey into the future. It is a trip that symbolizes Gilsanbus' vision of leading the transformation of transportation towards a more sustainable, efficient and safe future. From Malaga and Barcelona, customers leave for Eindhoven, not only to witness the presentation of the Futura FHD3, but to immerse themselves in a world of innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Behind the Scenes: Visiting the VDL Groep Headquarters

The presentation day begins with an exclusive visit to the VDL Groep headquarters. Here, clients will have the opportunity to learn up close the operation and philosophy of one of the most innovative and successful companies in Europe. From its beginnings as a lamp manufacturer to its current position as a leader in technology and mobility, VDL Groep is an inspiring example of perseverance and vision.

Where the Magic Happens: Touring the Future Factory FHD3

After touring the headquarters, customers will be taken on an exclusive tour of the factory where the Futura FHD3 will be assembled. Here, they will be able to witness first-hand the manufacturing process, from the creation of the chassis to the final assembly of the vehicle. It is a unique opportunity to see where and how the magic really happens, how innovation and technology combine to create a superior quality product.

The Big Reveal: Presentation of the VDL Futura FHD3

The highlight of the event is, of course, the official presentation of the VDL Futura FHD3. In an atmosphere of excitement and expectation, customers will witness the reveal of this revolutionary new model. From its aerodynamic design to its spacious and comfortable interior, the Futura FHD3 represents the best in terms of innovation and performance. With cutting-edge technology and advanced safety features, this vehicle is poised to lead the next generation of passenger transportation.

A Toast to the Future: Celebration Dinner

Following the presentation, Gilsanbus clients and team members will gather for a celebratory dinner. It will be a time to share experiences, reflect on what has been learned and toast to the exciting future that awaits them. It's a reminder that while the Futura FHD3 is impressive in itself, it is just the beginning of an even more exciting journey into the future of mobility.

Exploring Further: Additional Visit Opportunities

The final day of the event offers the chance to explore further afield and visit other VDL facilities. From research centers to product development facilities, there is much more to discover about the world of VDL and its impact on the automotive industry. It is an opportunity to deepen knowledge and understanding, and to further strengthen the ties between Gilsanbus and its customers.

The Future Begins Now

In short, the exclusive presentation of the VDL Futura FHD3 in Eindhoven is more than an event; It is a journey into the future. It is a tribute to the trust and loyalty of Gilsanbus customers, a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence. It is an opportunity to discover, learn and celebrate together the beginning of a new era in mobility. Because at Gilsanbus, the future is not something that is yet to come, it is something that we are creating here and now.


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