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Discovering the Future of Tourist Transport: GlisanBus at FITUR 2024

Exploring New Horizons with the I6 s Efficient

The bustle of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid faded, but the echo of the GlisanBus presentation will resonate in the industry long after. In this narrative journey, we will take you through the highlights of our participation at FITUR 2024, where we reveal our latest achievement: the I6 s Efficient. Additionally, we will explore key connections with strategic partners such as Direbus, quality excellence with QMC Asociados and continuous innovation with Irizar.

The Show at FITUR 2024: An Exclusive Glance

Introducing the Protagonist: I6 s Efficient

In a scenario full of expectations, GlisanBus unveiled its crown jewel: the I6 s Efficient. This new model not only redefines the standard of luxury and comfort in tourist transportation, but also establishes a new paradigm in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Attendees at FITUR were amazed by its avant-garde design and its focus on the traveler experience.

The I6 s Efficient in Detail:

  • Technological innovation: Integrating the latest technology in tourist transportation, the I6 s Efficient offers a unique experience on board.
  • Energy efficiency: With cutting-edge solutions, this model significantly reduces emissions, contributing to more sustainable tourism.
  • Ergonomic design: Every detail of the interior is designed for supreme comfort, from reclining seats to state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

Strategic Meetings with Direbus: Strengthening Alliances

FITUR was not only a showcase for our new bus, but also a platform to consolidate our alliances. Our close relationship with Direbus was reaffirmed in a series of strategic meetings where we discussed future projects and collaborations. The synergy between both companies promises exciting innovations in tourist transportation.

Quality without Compromise with QMC Asociados: A Seal of Excellence

At FITUR 2024, GlisanBus' commitment to quality was evident thanks to our collaboration with QMC Asociados. The association with this benchmark in quality control guarantees that each bus that leaves our facilities meets the highest standards. The relentless pursuit of excellence is what sets us apart and what our clients deserve.

Irizar: A Path of Continuous Innovation

Innovation is in the DNA of GlisanBus, and our collaboration with Irizar is a testament to this. At FITUR, we celebrate the synergy that has allowed us to constantly advance at the forefront of transportation technology. The shared vision of offering sustainable mobility solutions will drive future projects that will continue to define the future of tourist transportation.

Reliving the Magic: Visit Our Experience at FITUR

If you missed our presentation at FITUR 2024 or simply want to relive the excitement, we invite you to explore our exclusive online experience. Click here to access the full presentation, detailed materials and more, and immerse yourself in the world of I6 s Efficient and our exciting collaborations.

Schedule your Meeting to Learn More: Let's Connect to Innovate

If you want to delve deeper into how GlisanBus can transform your tourist transport fleet, we are ready to talk to you. Click here to schedule a personalized meeting and discover how the I6 s Efficient can take your travel experience to the next level.

In summary, FITUR 2024 marked a milestone in the history of GlisanBus, where innovation, quality and strategic partnerships merged to shape the future of tourist transportation. Join us on this exciting journey forward and discover how the I6 s Efficient is leading the way towards more sustainable and experiential tourism!


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