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Tierra Adentro 2023: The Interior Tourism of Andalusia Through the Coach


Inland tourism has become a growing sector in the tourism industry, and the Andalusian Inland Tourism Fair, Tierra Adentro, has been highlighted as a key event to highlight the opportunities and challenges that this sector presents. The 21st edition of Tierra Adentro, which was held from October 6 to 8 at the IFEJA venue, Jaén, once again played a crucial role in promoting inland tourism in the region and throughout Spain. This article will focus on the critical role that coach services play in promoting inland destinations, exploring how GilsanBus has excelled in this area.

A resounding success

The Tierra Adentro 2023 edition was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations. With more than 8,500 visitors in just three days, the event demonstrated that inland tourism has an undeniable appeal. The president of the Board of Directors of Ferias Jaén, África Colomo, shared her satisfaction with the results and highlighted the participation of almost 100 exhibitors from various provinces and autonomous communities.

GilsanBus in the Heart of Tierra Adentro

GilsanBus, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the coach industry, played a key role in the event. Its presence in Tierra Adentro underlines the importance of coach services in promoting inland tourism. With a modern and sustainable fleet, GilsanBus has been at the forefront of providing quality transportation to inland destinations. We leave you the interview they did with us on 10TV:

A Multithematic Event

Tierra Adentro was distinguished by its diversity of themes and thematic areas. From cultural tourism to gastronomic tourism, from active tourism to health and wellness tourism, the event offered a range of experiences that represent the richness and diversity of inland destinations. In addition, the fair hosted the XIV International Meeting of Inland, Rural and Nature Tourism Marketing of Andalusia, which attracted national and international buyers and promoted collaboration in the industry.


Tierra Adentro 2023 showed that inland tourism is booming, and events like this are essential to promote destinations in the heart of Spain. GilsanBus, with its commitment to quality and sustainability, has played a leading role in providing excellent transportation for visitors to explore these inland treasures.

In an increasingly connected world, Andalusia's inland tourism, driven by coach services such as those of GilsanBus, continues to thrive. Tierra Adentro is proof that the future of inland tourism is promising and exciting. Let's pack our bags and explore what the interior of Andalusia has to offer, with GilsanBus!


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