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Unibus Jaén reaches an agreement with CEPSA service stations

Within the framework of the presidential mandate held by Raúl Gil in Unibus Jaén, an agreement has been reached to lower the price at all service stations CEPSA for the associates of the province of Jaén.

In this way, quantitative savings are achieved in the pockets of bus sector entrepreneurs, which will open the doors to possible investments in other items.

Raúl Gil, in this way, continues in his line of improving all the points marked at the beginning of the season, in his commitment to take the bus transport professionals of the province of Jaén to the place they deserve.

In this way the wheels of the bus in Jaén roll at full speed and at the lowest price.

Raúl Gil and Antonio Gil reached this agreement with CEPSA to the satisfaction of the Jaén bus operators.


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